1 on 1 Private Virtual Candle Making Class

$ 99.99 USD

Learn how to make candles anywhere you are. All you need is internet access and a camera. The private instruction will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. You must purchase your own supplies.

Candle Making Consultation and Audio Course.

$ 99.99 USD

Listen to the audio course first. You will learn how to create votive and container candles using color and fragrance. Secondly, get a 30 minute Candle Making consultation from an experienced Candle Maker.

Candle Making Consultation with Starter Kit.

$ 99.99 USD

This Candle Making Starter Kit includes: 1 pound of Soy Wax, 2 Metal Votive containers (re-useable), 1 - 4 ounce glass container, 2 wooden chopsticks, 3 Wicks with metal tabs and sticky resin, 1 Color and 1 fluid ounce of Fragrance. Written Candle Making instructions. Shipping included. Additional charge for shipping if outside U.S.

A 30 minute consultation given by an experienced Candle Maker.

LOCATION - 600 Six Flags Drive, Arlington, TX 76011

Candle Making Classes 



Womb Meditation

Womb Yoga

Yoni Steam

Womb Wellness Workshops

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WAISTBEAD MAKING 1/21/17 at 2:00PM

$ 35.00 USD

Location - 600 Six Flags Drive, Arlington TX 76006 on Saturday 1/21

Bring your sistah friends, aunt, mother, niece, grandmother, daughter, and cousins to the Waist Bead Party at 2pm.

Select your favorite crystal/gemstone beads and string. Learn about the cultural/historical significance of wearing beads. Discover the healing properties of various gemstones. All materials will be included.

Must pre - pay by Friday the 20th.


$ 45.00 USD

This annual membership fee entitles you full access to private womb wellness conference calls, helpful resources and information to assist you on your journey of wellness. A 20 minute personal consultation is also included.

February 11, 2017 Womb Wellness Workshop at 10am - 12pm $35

Candle Making Class at 12pm - 2pm $45 in Snellville, GA.

Must Pre - Pay at this link below


YONI EGGS (click the image below)